Support Groups

I am available (at no charge) for video chats with support groups via FaceTime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangouts if folks in your group want to talk about topics covered in Family Guide to Mental Illness and the Law: A Practical Handbook. 

Please understand that I am not able to provide legal advice in these conversations and that by “support groups” I mean groups of people from different households who get together for supportive conversations and education about mental illness itself or about sources and services for people who have various forms of mental illness.

My aim in these video chats is to truly interact, so I hope that your group will have questions or examples for me. In fact, I would like us to start with those and use them as the basis of our video chat. If you don’t have questions and would just like a presentation, that’s okay too.

Here are some of the presentation topics that might interest support groups:
1. Hearings and Being Heard
2. Legal Places and What to Expect There
3. Proving a Point
4. How to Communicate Like a Lawyer
5. Mental Health and Housing
6. When Someone with Mental Illness Goes Missing

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